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Handmade Wooden Planchette Bottle Openers

Handmade Wooden Planchette Bottle Openers

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Elevate your kitchen with our Handmade Wooden Planchette Bottle Openers, crafted for the ultimate spooky charm.

Made from locally sourced Baltic Birch Wood, these unique openers come in two options: the classic Ouija board style and a whimsical, silly design.

Each opener features magnets for easy hanging on your fridge or any metal surface, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Impress your friends with your stylish and functional kitchen accessory, perfect for opening any bottle cap, from soda to beer. Upgrade your kitchen decor with a touch of enchantment today!

These bottle openers are 5" in length and width at the largest part and are 3/8th" thick. They are sturdy and great for throwing in your bag to show off at parties!
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